*Presentations* - Evidencing the Decision

Oct 9, 2017

Quick Overview

Research and Data Conference

*Presentations* - Evidencing the Decision

Venue: Mecure Holland House, Bristol
Time: Monday 9th October

We are delighted to announce on 9th October we will be holding a Research and Data Conference.

With reduced resources FRS’s are facing the reality of needing to be more effective about how they use the data and intelligence from a variety of information sources.  This conference will provide the opportunity for delegates to help shape the future framework for the targeting of research and data analytics that are required to effectively reduce risk to both firefighters and the wider communities.

Delegates will hear the outcomes of numerous recent research projects with the aim of identifying the best way to turn research and data into practical application in FRS’s.

A full agenda will be released soon but the conference timings will be 10am-4pm. 



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